Best Price Guarantee


We aspire to be our customers’ first choice when it comes to billiards. To live up to our ambitions, we offer you a vast range of products in our Pool, Pyramide and Snooker sections as well as experienced and well-trained members of staff who are happy to assist you in any way you may require.

Naturally, a convincing offer also consists of a good price. That’s why we provide our customers with the Dynamic Billard 105% best-price guarantee.

This way, our customers are able to conveniently buy everything they need directly from one place, without the time-consuming hassle of gathering items from different shops and comparing prices.

That’s what we are measured up to. And that’s why we are surveying our competition’s prices on a daily basis, adjusting our own prices where necessary. Regrettably, with an assortment of over 2000 items, it stands to reason that sometimes we might overlook something, and as a result, a competitor underbids in terms of one or more items.

This is where the Dynamic Billard 105% best-price guarantee kicks in.

How it works:

If you happen to find an identical item somewhere else for a lower price (more than 2%), we are going to match it – additionally, you’ll get a discount of another 5%. As a little thank you so to speak. Because for all intents and purposes, it is our job to keep track of prices at all times.

The Dynamic Billard 105% best-price guarantee applies under the following conditions:

  • The reference price comes from a commercial competitor.
  • The competitor deals within Germany and is bound by German law. Should the competitor originate from a different EU-country or Switzerland, we reserve the right to perform a case-by-case review.
  • Reference price means total price with all applicable charges, e.g. shipping charges, taxes, etc.
  • The corresponding items must be identical. Identical means identity in make, model, type as well as contents and condition of the items.
  • The guarantee must be claimed before the purchase or not later than 14 days after the purchase with respective proof.
  • After forwarding the respective proof, we are entitled to a confirmation period of 48 hours. However, we will always try to confirm the existence or non-existence of a claim immediately after receiving the respective proof.

The Dynamic Billard 105% best-price guarantee does not apply:

  • For custom made designs, should they match all other requirements. In this case we reserve the right to perform a case-by-case review.
  • For services.
  • For competitors and resellers.
  • For reference price originating from close-out sales or remaining stock sales.
  • For reference prices originating from auctions.
  • For reference prices that apply to selected clients only. Prices that were not or have not been valid for the duration of at least one day are also considered as applicable to a selected clientele only.
  • For prices that result from a competitor’s price guarantee.
  • In case the acquisition price would be systematically and extensively undercut. In such cases we reserve the right to perform a case-by-case review.

In any case, we reserve the right to limit the Dynamic Billard 105% best-price guarantee to purchases of customary quantities.

In addition with the 105% best price guarantee there are no other discounts possible. All other discounts could be added up to an amount of maximum 10%.